It’s That’s Time of Year Again


No, it’s not Christmas. It’s the other anticipated/dreaded/and highly looked forward to time: Back to School. For some of you, it’ll be full of excitement your first day of school ever, whether its college or secondary/high school, and for others, such as myself, it’ll be my last first day of school ever ( at least for my undergraduate career, hopefully).

Uncle Ben said it best: with great powers comes great responsibility- or in my case shopping.

Earlier this week, I had to take a trip to Staples: an office supply/ department store here in the States and I feel like I spent my tuition worth in school supplies and I didn’t even buy that much. I bought a few notebooks, some folders,a box of pens, a box of mechanical pencils – the bare minimum. But I’m thankful for the supplies. I’ll appreciate them a lot more on the first day back with my new backpack ( and when the all nighters start…)

Anyway, August is here and it’s the last month of summer so that means I have to:

  • Get my sleeping schedule back on –well- a schedule ( no 2 am bedtimes and no 12 pm breakfasts)
  • Get all of my info prepared for my last year and make sure I’m on track to graduate
  • Look back at my last two years and see what I can learn from them
  • Prepare myself for my final year thesis and consequently
  • Make a list of all the books I heard about and want to read but I wont have time for when the school year starts (English Lit major problems)

So much to do, so little time. So it has begun, my month-long farewell to summer!




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