I’m back! and it’s weird.

I’m officially back home. I’ve been here for a week now. Last semester I completed my study abroad/student exchange experience (I’ll talk about it in a later blog post). Immediately after that semester I spent my entire summer in the big city of NYC. This is the first time I’ve been home since.

On one hand, everything is the same: the people are the same, they dress the same and eat the same. My house is the same. Of course some things have changed;  there is a car-park (parking lot) where it wasn’t before and people have painted their houses different colors. It’s almost exactly how it was when I left.

But a lot of things have changed- mainly my outlook on life.

I’ve traveled (not that I didn’t before), I went to college and in doing that, I lived by myself (with roommates). I’ve tasted independence. I’ve learned what it’s like to live independently and I’ve grown. I might not feel it but its happened.

This is mostly what I wanted to get out of my study abroad journey: to grow as a person, to learn how to rely on myself

I’ve been exposed to experiences and opportunities not available here at home: magazine committees, movie marathons (at school), Shakespeare theater productions and a different sense of school spirit.

My bedroom seems smaller and so does my school. None of them have changed. I have, and I’m grateful and happy to be have given the chance





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