Boba Milk Tea: My Review

This post is a short review about : Boba Tea, aka, Bubble Tea, milk tea. It’s also going to be my first Food Fridays

So from what I understand Boba is Taiwanese in origin, (correct me if I’m wrong) and over the last few years have grown in popularity among people in the US. I’ve wanted to try Boba for a while because people wouldn’t stop talking about how good it is and the wonders of the tapioca balls in it.

I’ve never had tapioca balls or I’ve never tried boba before but I decided since I would be leaving to go back to school soon ( I tried it and wrote this in the summer) that I might as well try it.

What I thought Boba was going to be: a sweet, milky drink similar in texture and taste to cow’s milk but obviously made with tea. I thought the tapioca balls would be sweet too, similar to how they were ice cream cones with bubble gum balls at the bottom. Not that good a comparison but I thought the tapioca balls would increase the sweetness of the drink.

I went  to Manhattan and I entered a Boba tea store. The entire shop ( I’m not going to name it) is a tea shop but it has Boba as one of their specialties. They also have iced teas of different varieties and types. I decided to get the chocolate Boba with tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup. I got a medium sized drink because it was the smallest size available.

My verdict: ⭐️⭐️ (2/5)

It was okay.

The taste threw me off ,it wasn’t what I was expecting. It tasted like chocolate, sure but it also had a strong taste of tea. I like tea and I drink it sometimes but I’m accustomed to it hot. I also think why the taste threw me off so much is because I forgot it was TEA. I think I thought it would be like ice tea ( the drink version not the cold, sweetened Lipton thing that people drink) where you can’t taste the tea.

It tasted like cold, unsweetened tea mixed with chocolate powder. The texture and consistency was similar to milk so no problems there. When I do drink tea, I add honey or sugar to the Boba wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be.

I decided to taste the tapioca balls to see if I would like them. They were okay. They weren’t sweet like I thought, in fact they didn’t have much of a taste. The texture was kind of rubbery/ chewy. I felt like I was chewing a very small ball of gum ( without the flavor).

One thing I can say about Boba is that it was refreshing and fulling. It cooled you off but it wasn’t so sweet that it made you feel you drink a whole lot of calories.Plus, the people in the store were really nice, they weren’t rude or anything like that.

Overall, it wasn’t my cup of tea (ha)


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