Food Fridays: Five Guys Burgers

This review has been a long time coming.

For those of you who knew me last summer, I had ( still am) obsessed with Five Guys. I don’t know what it is about them but they’re pretty good. Maybe it’s because I had never had access to double patty burgers like this before or maybe because it’s considered one of those ‘fancy’burger chains (shake shack, In-n- out). Whatever it is I adore Five Guys.

WARNING: For those with allergies ESPECIALLY peanut or tree allergies, five guys is not for you. I’ll tell you why. When you walk in  there’re these huge sacks about 3-5, depending on the size of the franchise, of peanuts. I guess customers are encouraged to scoop some out and eat them in the little fast food bowls (I don’t know the name). Also they fry their food in peanut oil. So heads up!

When I first went to Five Guys, I made a mistake. i was buying the bacon cheeseburger, for the first time and I asked them for an extra patty. I did not know that Five Guys came with two patties already and I was getting a third, I thought I was adding a second- which made the cost of make sense.

When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to find three patties, confused but very happy. I only ate half and left the rest for later. I researched and found out that it normally gives you two patties and my heart was sold. (That and the numerous free topping you can add).

My regular thing to get is a bacon cheeseburger with a ton of toppings and a small regular fries. I get small because the burger is already a lot and they serve fries in little buckets and they also scoop extra into the bottom of the bag ( which is why I always walk with a plastic bag so the grease won’t dirty my bag.

I tried the cajun fries when i first bought them but to me they seemed a bit saltier than I would’ve liked. Regardless of the fact, I still ate some and I forward to lots more.

I give Five Guys : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)


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