Study Abroad Part 2: First impressions and enjoying my exchange

So I was off to an adventure! My bags were packed, I had all the relevant info and my plane tickets were booked. All I had to do now was move in and enjoy myself. Because I did my exchange in the Spring semester, we only had one day of orientation as opposed to the week that would’ve been for the Fall semester.

That first weekend there ( the weekend after orientation,) I went to the mall on a trolley rented by the auxiliary services and then I went to a cookout/ bonfire we had at a host family’s house. Everyone seemed nice. The suites weren’t so bad and I had a great introduction.

After that my semester just seemed to go by both slowly and quickly. Most of my time at the beginning was spent getting used to my new campus and finding my way around. Then as I started to get accustomed to living on campus and living by myself in a new place, I started looking for new things to do.

I had started this process ( of finding things to do) before I arrived in Wilmington. When I was looking up both Rutgers and UNCW, I looked at any special events that happened on campus, as part of the campus culture (eg: Hawk In) and I also looked at events happening in the city of Wilmington ( eg: Azalea Festival).

Here are a list of some of the things I did while on exchange (Not in the chronological order):

  • I went to my first bonfire
  • I tasted smores for the first time
  • I lived in a dorm for the first time
  • I joined a creative writing magazine
  • I went roller skating for the first time
  • I went to a hip hop charity skating event held by my hip hop class
  • I did a downtown food tour with Taste of Carolina
  • I went to the Azalea Festival in downtown Wilmington . ( it’s a fair held annually in Wilmy)
  • I tasted funnel cake for the first time
  • I tasted corn-dogs (like festival made corn-dogs.)
  • I tasted fried oreos for the first time
  • I got a ton of free t-shirts
  • I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time
  • I learnt the bus system in Wilmington
  • I learnt my way around ( it wasn’t that hard)
  • My hip hop class  had three presentations for an English in Action showcase and we won awards for all three presentations. I got a goody bag of stuff for winning
  • I finished creative writing for my creative writing classes.
  • I carried my country’s flag for the chancellor’s installment ceremony.
  • I saw a ballet performance
  • I went to my first step show  with the The National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC)



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