Food Fridays: (American) Poutine

It’s another Food Fridays and this time I discuss the beaut that is poutine.

From the time I heard of this delectable wonder, I knew I had to try it. When I was preparing to go study abroad, one of my reason for choosing Canada as a potential country to go to was the food. The universities I looked at seemed great and so did the courses and the towns/cities surrounding them.but one thing that I was curious about was the food mostly poutine.

For those of you who don’t know what poutine is, it’s a dish that is made with chips topped with gravy and cheese curds. I think the traditional gravy is beef gravy but that’s the gist of what poutine is. When everything was finalized for study abroad and it was certain that I wa not going to go to Canada I looked to other means.

I only really got to taste poutine this past summer. I started out my search as always looking on the internet for any places that serve poutine, and I wanted poutine that seemed as close to the original as much as possible which is still funny to search for since I don’t know that the original Canadian poutine tastes like but that was my plan.

I found two places that I was sure I could get tow: one in Manhattan and one in  Brooklyn. I chose the one in Brooklyn since it seemed close to the Brooklyn Central Library, which is one of my favorites places.

So on that day I left the library, engaged my somewhat-not all the times- trustworthy google maps and set of.

The place I went to is called  Perfect Potato and I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

It was this small cute store next to a bunch if other stores and food/restaurants. I’m not sure of the name of the area but you can find it easily on google.


When I went in I was uncertain but the menu was visible and clear on the chalkboard  plus they had pictures up of the poutine and chips as well.

When I got there I was in time to see them serve someone else’s poutine so I had a visual of how much I would be given and what it would look like. The customer service was great, I let them know it was my first time getting poutine and they were just as excited for me.i ordered a medium original poutine with barbecue gravy.

I asked to sample so I could choose between the beef gravy and the barbecue gravy and I choose the barbecue gravy because the beef tasted a bit cheesy and I didn’t want the taste of cheese in cheese. While the barbecue gravy had a bit of sharpness to it. It was hot and delicious.

Word of caution it is not so if you’re taking it to go just be careful of that and also the gravy is a bit thick but it’s still liquid so just be careful you don’t throw away any on yourself.

Perfect potato doesn’t just do poutine, they also do fries with homemade sauces of several and different varieties. The chips are great and the sauces are phenomenal and the customer service is great as well.

I give it five stars


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