Review Thursday: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Talk about fallen expectations!

( get it? *wink wink*) Okay moving on.

I first heard of this book a few years ago. I think I saw it in Barns and Nobles or something like that, all I knew was that the cover was gorgeous. And it is.

I feel like  don’t have a lot to say for this review.

I liked the plot of the book. It was a very interesting idea with the fallen angels and the reincarnation of Lucinda but other than that I felt this book didn’t live up to my expectations. on of the reasons why I didn’t read this book earlier, is because a lot of people said that the sequels were terrible. I only decided to read the book because I saw the movie trailer and it looked great an in cases like this, I like to read the book first.

Again the plot is very interesting and I like Lauren’s writing: it’s simple, straightforward and I like her descriptions. However it was her characters that brought down the book.

Lucinda “Luce”Price.

At first, she was an interesting character ( the book is told from her POV). She’s sent to this reform school after some mysterious incident killed a boy, Trevor, she was interested in. From how she acts, I was guessing she had a bit of trauma form the incident which made her complex and interesting. But after a while, she became boring. I know she went to an expensive, boarding school on a scholarship but I would have expected her to have a little self preservation and not just trust the first person she meets. After a while, she kept repeating everything over and over again: I like Cam, he’s so nice and sweet. but oh Daniel is hot too, and never mind he explicitly shows that he can’t stand me, I’m going to pursue  stalk him anyways.


Daniel Grigori

He’s one of the main love interests and the obvious eventual winner. Daniel is Luce’s lover, destined to meet her every 17 years and lose her again. He always remembers their past lives and she doesn’t. From the beginning, it was obvious that Daniel and Luce were going to end up together. I think I would have liked to get his perspective on all of this because for Luce, each life is a brand new one, but he remembers everything. He doesn’t tell her anything and the only reason Luce finds out is because of her stalking.



The other main love interest. From the beginning, you could tell he was obviously either the “bad”guy or the first guy she would fall in love with and then break up with for Daniel.

There are a whole bunch of other main supporting characters but it all depended on Luce’s interactions with them.I only finished the book because of this review. I would have stopped way before.

I give this ⭐️ (1/5)




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