Food Friday: Mr Bing’s Street Food

I went to Bryant Park for their Winter Wonderland and I tried Mr Bing’s. Before I got on the plane, I looked at several things that I could do and as usual my search turned to food. On Bryant Park’s website, they gave the link to Mr Bing’s website and I found it interesting enough that I clicked the link.

So according to the website, jianbing is a northern Chinese street food crepe. Brian Goldberg, the founder, said he discovered it when he went study abroad to China as a college student. The description on the website describes Bing as :a green bean and rice flour crepe coated with scrambled egg, sesame seeds, scallions, hoison sauce, crispy chili paste, cilantro, and packed with crunchy wontons.

I went to the booth at Bryant Park. Similar to the video on the website, I had hoped to take  a video of the Bing being made but I didn’t realize how little room it was at the booth.

The first thing I noticed about the Bing was the look. It looked like a folded crepe cut in half but what shocked me was the colour. One the website in the gallery, the bing has a goldish colour, so I expected that but the bing was grey?


I was completely taken back and to be honest it looked unappetizing. But is till decided to try it ( mostly because I paid for it) and also because I guessed the colour was because of the rice and bean flour.

It was okay. I’m glad I tried it but it isn’t something that I would repeatedly go back for again. It was more savory than sweet but to me it didn’t have a strong defining taste. I could eat the first half of it pretty good but by the second half, I was sick of it.

It was nice and something new I could try.

I give it 3 stars (⭐️⭐️⭐️)




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