New Year, New Me Adventures


HERE’S TO 2017!


It’s a new year and we start it out as usual with resolutions ( new year, new me) etc. I’ve never been a resolution person, I don’t really make lists like how others do and when I do, it’s one or two things on it. It’s just not something I really did.

However, I’ve decided to try something slightly different this year.Last year I completed my semester abroad. I lived (relatively) on my own for the summer and when school started back, I did some challenging courses.

I want to do the same this year

This year, I want to go on adventures ( however small). I want to find the little enjoyable things that make each day livable. I want to go a step forward ( or two)  going after my dreams.

To keep track of all the good moments, I’m going to keep a 2017 memory jar ( and my first good memory of the year is already inside).

 So here’s to a year of success, adventures and following your dreams.



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