Food Fridays: Dulcinea Churros

Bryant Park’s Winter Wonderland took place from to January 2nd. I tried Mr Bing Food and did a review on it. This post is about one of the other foods I tired.

The next thing to try was churros. I was a bit worried because I thought that this booth would be extremely popular but  surprisingly, when I went, it wasn’t that busy. This booth had a variety of churros. They had plain churros,  and mini ones with chocolate, dulche de leche in it. In addition to this, they also had hot chocolate and if I remember correctly cider. I wanted to try the churros with the melted chocolate inside of it but I decided as with the Bing, that it was best to start with the original first.

They were $6 for five churros. When I got the churros, I also got a small cup of hot chocolate. I’m not sure if it was melted chocolate as I didn’t think ti was thick enough for that, or if it was simply think hot chocolate.

I expected them to be cinnamony sweet but they weren’t. The had sugar on them but they were more plain, almost salty tasting. It was just fried dough without any extra sugar. I like it which isn’t surprising but I’m glad I did because I’m also trying to cut down on my sugar intake.

snapchat-1852849572-minIt was good, plus I had the chocolate to dip the churros in. The chocolate itself wasn’t overly sweet. Whatever sweetness there was, came from the chocolate itself but because the churros were plain, the chocolate was lovely. it was sweet, not overly so and I appreciate the individual flavors. I could eat a treat without feeling too guilty about sugar or anything like that.

I’m not saying that the churros and chocolate were completely healthy, but they didn’t taste it. I wonder if it would be the same feeling if I had he chocolate churros.

I give it 5 stars – would eat again




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