Review Thursday: Blackbird by Anna Carey

So wow I’ve got some thoughts about this book. They range from wow to huh.The premise of the book is that this girl wakes up stuffed inside subway tracks, memory lost, with a train heading towards her. I don’t want to spoil it bu the main problem she faces in this book is that she is amnesiac, she’s being framed for theft and that she’s being hunted in this elaborate game by the rich and wealthy.

The story was told in a second person “you,” which is a bit jarring as I wasn’t used to it however, as “Sunny” lost her memory, it was fitting and I got accustomed to it. I thought the ending was too sudden and made no sense but finding out that it’s a duology,it made sense.

“Sunny “

Sunny which is the name our protagonist decides to give to others since she doesnt know her own, is intriguing . She is somewhere between 16-21 although she says whatever age makes it easier to hide (18 years being used most commonly). The story is told from her perspective and since she has amnesia, its told in a third person /second person hybrid type of language. We discover the world through Sunny’s eyes who is discovering everything (that she remembers) for the first time.

I do have to say some of her choices are questionable. She knows Ben for a week and she sleeps with him ( it’s implied not explicitly described it said(. She trusts him too much for someone she literally just met so her being upset at his “betrayal” doesn’t upset me or surprise me.


Ben was first introduced as a guy Sunny met at a gas station. Concerned by her disheveled bloody state, he gave her his number. This snowballed into her hiding out in his house and starting a very fast paced relationship. It isn’t described explicitly but it is implied that the two had sex.

Ben, at first was trustworthy. I mean, he seemed nice, not that naive since he was selling pot but you see a girl bloody and hurt at a gas station what do you do? Give her your number. He was too nice and too convenient so I was suspicious of him. That and the fact that she risked her safety hiding out to go back to warn him even though she’d told him about the conspiracy before and he knew and agreed of his own will, to harbor a fugitive. She only knew him for a week and he was just the ex-machina extraordinaire. It makes since that he would be revealed as a watcher in AAE.

Izzy clark

Sunny’s friend. She’s Ben next door neighbor who’s at her cool grandmother ‘s house because she protested the patriarchy. A guy at school,  sent a freshman’s nudes to the whole school, so Izzy and her friends posted a retaliation video with their boobs exposed to show that  there are just boobs and there’s no need for the uproar . Izzy is funny and inquisitive so of course she follows Sunny when she goes after her hunters and she gets shot which is her fault so I don’t really feel that bad for her (I’m heartless)

The A&A Enterprises

This is the mysterious organization who has orchestrated this entire hunt. Based on the information given, AAE has a huge network based in several cities: New York, Los Angeles and several well established, rich people play the game.

This book was interesting and it was good enough that I curious to see what happens in the last book. I give it ⭐⭐⭐ (3.5/5stars)


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