Review Thursday: Firstlife by Gena Showalter

You know a book is unmemorable when you can’t even remember the name of it or some important plot point. Or maybe it’s my fault since I didn’t write up this blog post as soon as I finished read the book.

I first got introduced to this book thanks to Epic Read summary video on it. I thought the idea behind the book, sounded like a pretty good idea: basically, the life that you are living in is your first life. In the afterlife or Everlife, as it’s called in the book, there are three worlds: Myriad, Troika and The World of Many Ends. In order to end up in either Myriad or Troika, you must pledge, or make a covenant with them. If you don’t, you’re unsigned, and the unsigned go to The World of Many Ends.

It is essential that you sign your Everlife, so that you don’t end up in The World of  Many Ends.Unlike Troika and Myriad, no one knows if the The World of Many Ends really exists or of it’s just a scary story to tell children to get them to sign with with Myriad or Troika.It is presented as a kind of hell- where nightmares come to life.

Within Firstlife, there are a few essential main characters:

Tenley “Ten” Lockwood

Ten, as she is preferred to be called is our main character. Her parents are die hard Myriad supporters. Myriad, as part of their agreement, promised them riches beyond what they already had- the only setback is that Ten must sign with Troika in order for them to access their everlife. Therefore they shelter Ten and in order to ensure that she signs with Myriad, they send her to asylum/torture facility, which is where we meet her at the beginning of the book.

At first I really liked Ten. Here’s this girl who’s really into numbers, who’s sent to this asylum because she won’t sign with Myriad. She sees the pros and cons of both worlds. I liked Ten because she was tough, she learned how to fight for herself and she was just trying to survive until she turned 18. But she became whiny and annoying pretty fast. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t in her situation but I got really annoyed with her.

Myriad and Troika send their laborers ( recruiters) to convince her to sign with either side. Obviously she feels torn between the two male recruiters- one makes her heart pump, the other makes her feel secure. Also for a girl who is trying so hard to survive, she’s impulsive about the wrong things. She has this savior complex where she has to save everyone, when she’s not in a secure position herself- save everyone or kill myself and them trying.

Ten is supposedly a  powerful soul and depending on who’s side she chooses, she can help them win the war. At first I thought it was her obsession with numbers but after all that happened I still don’t know why she supposedly so powerful.

After the 13 months she spent being tortured in the asylum, I don’t get why she don’t just choose Troika- I would’ve out of spite for my parents. She’s also very impulsive, and some of the things she does makes me question her honed survival instinct.

Archer Prince (Troika- Light Brings Sight)

He is one of Troika’s best labourers. He’s also the former prince of Myriad and the friend and adopted brother, in a way, of Killian. From the beginning of the book Archer was Ten’s  second choice. I didn’t really have much of an opinion about Archer. He was almost a secondary character. Ten’s attention was more focused on Killian and her own issues. Archer was the light, good boy in this sort of love triangle. I liked him. He was okay. The people in the everlife, are basically spirits and in order to inhabit earth again, they need shells or a body. To convince Ten, he is placed in the shell of a teenage girl around Ten’s age and they are assigned as roommates.


Killian (Myriad- Might is Right)

Killian is the Myriad labourer sent to recruit Ten. If Archer was the goody two shoes, then Killian is the dark, mysterious bad boy. Not much is know about him, except he was abandoned by his family and taken in my Archer’s family where they were treated equally.

His mothers spirit or the identity of who her reincarnated life is, is being held hostage to make him comply to some of Madam Pearl unreasonable requests.

And of course the bad boy has  a soft side. How surprising.

The World of Many Ends- where the nightmares are

The World of Many Ends is where the unsigned go if they die before they make a covenant with either side. It is as nightmarish as  is suggested. Ten goes her a few times after she dies and is bought back to life.

There are sirens, attacking bird creatures. It is revealed that this realm is connected to Myriad, which gives Myriad an advantage in that they have access to unsigned souls.



In my personal opinion, Loony Linda, Ten’s aunt is the best person in this entire book. She physic and assumed craxy by everyone around her


It was an okay book. I give it 3/5 stars. The romance and  love triangle- especially since Ten all of a sudden stopped caring about her survival and was more worried about Archer and Killian, annoyed me. I would read the sequel only to see what happens next


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