Bucket List

Graduate with my undergraduate degree

Get into the grad program I think I want

Study Abroad  : I just finished. 2nd semester of 2015/16 school year

Try all the flavours of Ben and Jerry’s ( this gets harder the more flavours they add)

Visit England

Visit Paris

Visit South Korea ( and my ex roomie and friend)

Meet One Direction ( not in a million years)

Meet Little Mix

Attend five concerts     1/5

Attend one music festival

Finish a story: I did two creative writing classes when studying abroad  and i had to do a short story as part of my final grade.

Write a book /novel

Publish  a book/novel

Sell one copy of book/novel

Learn HTML to a point where I can maybe know what I’m doing

Try to become fluent in ASL

Try to become fluent in Spanish

Meet five authors

Meet some of the booktuber community

Own a house/car (who knows. I might have to move)