7 Day Cruise with Carnival Fascination!

As the title suggests, this post is going to be about a cruise that I went on a while ago         ( and when I say a while ago I actually mean in the beginning of June).

This post is just an introduction about what I’m going to talk about in the next 14 or so blog posts.

I thought a lot about whether to post this content or not. It would’ve been fine if I had posted it right after I got back form the cruise but now I’m not sure because of everything that has happened with Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

However, I am still going to post these because I think we need a lot of positive things around us and also to see the beauty of the islands that were damaged ( especially Saint Martin/ Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico.

That being said, please donate in any way you can to the countries that were affected. I’ve donated multiple times and I am really proud of the feedback that my little island have been giving in order to support our regional brothers and sisters ( we’re talking everything from hosting families and children, to sending armed forces and medical practitioners)

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I’ve Graduated! So now what?

So it has come that time that every college student dreads- Graduation.

Well not really graduation so much as the thought of leaving college and going into the big ole’ adult world.

I won’t really go into how I feel as I’ll save that for my actual graduation post, this is more an update as to what I’m doing and what’s going on in my life.

When I say I’ve graduated, I mean I have my certificate that states that I am officially a college graduate but right now I’m not really processing it. The official graduation ceremony is going to take place later this month and I know some of you consider this to be late for graduation as a lot of you have graduation directly after final exams.

If there’s one thing I’ll say, is that I got really lucky.

  • I passed all my exams
  • I graduated with Honors ( I guess its the equivalent of a magna cum laude)
  • I got a job
  • and finally I am pursuing new and exciting things

So right now for me, life is going okay. I’m doing things that I enjoy and I am working towards future goals as well.


Well that’s all!

See ya later!

Food Fridays: Dulcinea Churros

Bryant Park’s Winter Wonderland took place from to January 2nd. I tried Mr Bing Food and did a review on it. This post is about one of the other foods I tired.

The next thing to try was churros. I was a bit worried because I thought that this booth would be extremely popular but  surprisingly, when I went, it wasn’t that busy. This booth had a variety of churros. They had plain churros,  and mini ones with chocolate, dulche de leche in it. In addition to this, they also had hot chocolate and if I remember correctly cider. I wanted to try the churros with the melted chocolate inside of it but I decided as with the Bing, that it was best to start with the original first.

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The Rockettes

We saw the Rockettes!

On January 2nd, my aunt and I went to see the Radio City Rockettes performance. It was the last day of the Christmas Spectacular show and I was very excited.

We took the train and arrived around 10 am. The show started at 11 but they recommended that you get there an hour earlier for security and to get through the lines and find your seats before the show started. When we got there however, the lines were short and even if they were a bit lengthy, they moved quickly. My aunt and I popped into Nine West, which was on the street opposite Radio City and even though we got in the line around 10:20,we still moved quickly.img_20170102_101154-min

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That time of Year

It’s come that time of the year again. Sadly, I’m not referring to Christmas. Instead I’m referring to exam period.

Over here exams have officially started. Unlike other places where some exam periods are only a week, ours is three weeks. Four weeks, if you count in the reading/ study week.

I’m writing this post to say that I’ll be on a little hiatus until my exams are done. Fortunately or unfortunately my exams are later in the exam period and I also have final projects due so I won’t be able to post as I would like.

That isn’t to say that I won’t try, I’ll try and post some holiday posts here and there but I can’t guarantee a steady flow of posts.

See you guys at my next post.

Good luck to all those doing exams and who got back their grades.

Study Abroad Part 3: Reflections

In the same way that moments in your life become memories, my study abroad journey seems so far away. There’s a part of me that can’t believe my exchange is over.  I almost feel like it was all a dream.

But it happened. And I’m so glad and so grateful that it did. It changed me.  It changed me for the better and in some ways, I still sty the same person I was before. Pictures and videos are powerful things. They hold our memories in a moment of time so that we can go back and reminisce on what it was like.

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